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So I googled and read through a few pages and a few more and find a couple of good links on how to “Claim” your money. I tried it and type my name in and find that I was owed from Bank of America $269.45 and some other company .24 cents so I filled the form out, submitted and found the addresses I previously lived at and I had money owed. So I continue fill out information (I believe anything under 5,000) you can do it online and within a couple of weeks receive Money you didn’t know you had or had forgot you had…

I will share several links that you can check if you are owed money…
The first Site gives you all the links to “Unclaimed Money”
***State Search
***Back Wages
***Life Insurance
***Banking, Investments and Currency
***Saving Bonds
Any State Search
California “Unclaimed Money”
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